Friday, December 18, 2009

Clash of the Titans Trailer

Double Wow.

This movie, scheduled to come out March 26th, is a remake of the 1980's classic.

I now understand why some old movies are allowed to be remade. This movie looks absolutely epic and has a great cast.

Liam Neeson as Zeus is a great pick. Just looking at how Zeus and Hades are represented in this movie makes one word comes to mind: stunning.

Sam Worthington as the main character, Perseus, was a great choice as well. He is establishing himself as one of the premier action stars of today with his work in Avatar and Terminator Salvation.

The Kraken is another discussion entirely and I cannot wait to see more screen time of this thing. The CGI looks great in the scenes with the giant scorpion and Medusa.

I'd suggest actually watching the original movie's representation of the monsters, then watching this trailer and having the same reaction I did.

I'm not looking for an amazing plot line and great dialouge with this movie, but if I get one I will be happy.

Also for you music geeks, like me, the lead singer of Muse is doing the music, so get extra excited.

With this and Iron Man 2, spring 2010 should be a great time for movies.

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